Astrology eclipse january 6 2020

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Mercury in trine to Uranus brings to the power holders strategic thinking and technocratic control, preserving prestige through control of knowledge, of science and of innovation. On a square aspect to Mars who is powerful in the sign of his rulership , it brings controversy and juxtaposition of ideas. Angry voices and action that conflicts with what the technocratic power communicates and concedes.

That is shortly after the accompanying Lunar Eclipse that will take place on the 21st of the month. Imagine, now that we have analysed the eclipse elements, how all this multidimensional dynamics hidden in the eclipse chart could be expressed in our personal horoscope, giving the tone for the events of the next half-year. Depending on how the chart of eclipse falls on our personal horoscope and the positive or negative aspects that it forms, possible manifestations may be:. I have spent over a decade studying Astrology, Permaculture and Natural Law.

I have an in-depth understanding of my Soul and my Purpose. I live as best I can in alignment with Nature and Spirit — and I am overflowing with confidence in the validity and efficacy of AnarkEden!!! Once understood, the perspective, design and strategy that AnarkEden conceptualizes will undoubtedly catalyze a much higher quality of life for everyone — a true paradise! I ha ve so much faith in our true core essence as Infinite Consciousness to create a New Paradigm to catalyze the evolution, ascension and apotheosis of humanity!

I enjoy experimenting in many artistic, psychedelic and scientific realms. Since I have felt so Dharmically motivated and inspired to learn how to articulate AnarkEden. I elaborate on the major themes of my life from — in the AnarkEden Presentation. I am so amazed that the transits that occur in are so phenomenally rare and inextricably connected to AnarkEden! January 7 began yet another period of ALL PLANETS in direct motion which is even more rare as this lasted a longer time, until April 10 — discluding the short mercury retrograde from March 5 — 28 This provided us with a lot of forward momentum.

I began to focus in on the astrological work I was being called to articulate. Cancer is Care. Divine Feminine. Emotional Initiation.

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Deep Feelings, Psychic. Protective, Motherly Love. Emotional Truth. What is our emotional truth? Ego death, lets be real and authentic and honor our true raw and real and powerful nature. Intuition heightened.

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  • Divine alignment with our true core purpose — what is sacred and holy and must be honored, respected, nurtured, and protected, the Sacred Feminine and Divine Mother. Emotional initiation, new chapters, a major portal opening for healing, respecting ourselves and prioritizing self-love. Because Fear, Ignorance and Unconsciousness is the causal factor behind all the problems on Earth and the solution is Love, Truth and Consciousness. We realize the power of the word NO in terms of NO I am not going to comply with this bullshit that destroys my soul anymore.

    Soul family cultivating worldwide, a tribe of unique and authentic, scarred and beautiful people with stories that need to be shared and exchanged and to grow through integrating all aspects of us and contributing to each others soul growth. Jupiter Saturn Neptune aspect the North Node means our destiny is truly in focus! We see a real challenge here to let go SN Saturn of old ways of being that are no longer serving us, and to heal Karma and transcend through Dharma the unknown, the uncomfortable, the evolution of consciousness, our souls path, the right way , stepping blindly with faith quincunx Jupiter into higher learning and knowledge, philosophy — and Neptune trine North Node is synch-central!

    Mercury and Mars conjunct in Leo square Uranus trine Chiron is about passionately speaking our truth and being brave and courageous in order to move this new earth to where it needs to go, embracing our inner power and harnessing our ego and audience and kingdom and empire and move our communities towards these Healing, Revolutionary Taurean vibes permaculture, shamanism, true luxury, harmony with nature, paradise, beauty, quality , powerful activism potential planting trees? Venus in Gemini, our speech is coming across with grace and ease, and beauty, we have wit and are forming loving bonds with those closest to us.

    We love communication right now. July 17 Partial Lunar Eclipse conjunct Pluto, an extreme and intense energy. The DEATH of something, for example the old illusion of authority, existing infrastructure, society, economy, political systems. We have to look personally in our own chart to see how it is affecting us individually.

    The First New Moon Solar Eclipse of the Year Brings Powerful Energy for Change

    We are really looking in the mirror, wtf are we doing, lets change this shit now! We intuit the Way , we perceive, we know — gnosis — we get it, lets be bold and raw and real and potent and develop a plan of action to extricate ourselves from slavery and extinction! Venus conjunct North Node means our destiny is being blessed right now with positive loving vibes! Our hearts are expanding so tangibly! Neptune divine intervention blessing as well, our hearts are expanded as fuck all of ours, right now, and we are using this expansive heart and this new divinely inspired creative and artistic vision as it is sextile to saturn creating a holy opportunity to make it manifest for real with discipline, strategy, work — the new earth is evolving step by step, day by day!!!

    Emotionally charged af but internalized, and at the same time completely cold and numb as its happening.

    Solar Eclipse January ~ All Seeing Eye by Darkstar Astrology

    Good riddance old system! Mars and Mercury in Leo again, standing up for what we believe in, being strong and bright and shining our light, courageous and passionate, aspecting Uranus and Chiron, massive healing taking place through us stepping into our power, doing what may feel uncomfortable, but we know its right, challenging us to rise above and make the new earth real and shamanically rewriting our collective ego. We need to keep in mind a few things , the Capricorn Conjunction is occurring on my Natal Saturn 23 degrees saturn return and is also on my progressed Sun!

    A benefic Moon-Neptune trine fires up our imagination as we consider the year ahead.

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    Tuesday we are called to clear out excess stuff, and give our lives the works. Saturn symbolizes discipline and mastery. Your resolutions just might stick this year, so give them serious thought and resolve. Our mood is uplifted on Wednesday by the Sagittarius Moon.

    Get up early and get some exercise , or go for a brisk walk. Step into the New Year with a bounce, and get going on your goals and resolutions.

    Eclipses 2019 - 2020 - Powerful Turning Points

    Mercury makes hard and soft aspects to Chiron and Uranus respectively on Thursday , giving brilliant, maverick ideas. We are open to alternative ways of thinking, making it a good day for solving problems and envisioning a brighter future. Friday is off to a thunderous start with a Moon-Uranus trine.

    The morning may bring something unexpected. The Sun makes a benefic sextile to Neptune, inspiring us to bring vision into form. At am PST, the Moon moves into somber, work-oriented Capricorn, and is joined by Mercury for a three-week stay in this cardinal earth sign. Attend to work and duties in the afternoon and evening. The Moon is dark, so draw inward and take some solitude. This eclipse is an extremely potent one, as it is hemmed in by Saturn on one side and Pluto on the other side of the Sun-Moon conjunction.

    This stellium of 6 planetary bodies in Capricorn symbolizes boundaries , limits, rules and responsibilities. Almost anything can be changed and mastered with the force of this powerful eclipse. Vega, the alpha star of the constellation Lyra, conjuncts the Sun and Moon at 15 Capricorn, and symbolizes qualities of creativity, prosperity and fame. Vega may uplift the heavy energy of the Solar Eclipse, as will Neptune, which forms a visionary, opportunistic sextile to the Sun and Moon.

    Uranus stations direct on Sunday , following the eclipse of yesterday. When planets station to turn direction, their energy is amplified. Uranus symbolizes change, the unexpected, reversals and awakenings.

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