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Many of us have been reaching back to our ancestors. And we have also had the recent birth of Prince George bringing back the ghost of Princess Diana. What is special about the Star of David is the amount of oppositions. These will pack a punch, so its not surprising that Mary Shea found that these Star Of Davids can start wars.

Planetary Aspect Patterns

So looking at the oppositions we see that Venus opposite Neptune can be love delusion, Moon opposite Saturn, depression and disappointment and Mars opposite Pluto can be abuse. A very advanced soul could certainly make magic with this one, but it in the wrong hands, those lovely trines could be putting a glossy veneer on top of deep rot happening inside.

Grand Sextile/Star of David, July 29 - Astrology readings and writings by Lynn Hayes

Those trines will do anything to uphold the status quo, however Mars opposite Pluto may just erupt and burst the trine-tastic bubble. Karmic Saturn is on Gacrux the April Lunar eclipse degree in the crucifix still. A holy war? We have enough of those on this planet right now, so I think this is more than that. The Sun on Praesaepe is invoking the spirit of the ancestors, so this could be a spiritual war about belief systems and ancient V modern wisdom. Is it that Garden of Eden moment once again?

According to Pisces' April horoscope , everything must be done to resist this unpleasant feeling that nothing is progressing despite all the efforts made. It is expected that a train or plane ticket will be canceled at the last minute or that a professional transfer project in another country will be postponed.

During the retrograde period of Jupiter in Sagittarius, patience is your best ally, although it is sometimes difficult not to rage against situations that are all the more frustrating as they completely elude you. A semi-sextile aspect between Jupiter and Pluto is moderately positive, both in terms of energy and the expression of their combined power. The semi-sextile between Jupiter and Pluto is an indicator of small achievements and mediocre gains.


Those contemplating a change in their professional life should be content with maturing their project rather than putting it into effect. For the natives of the astrological sign Pisces in May , it is possible to take advantage of this period, as soon as a little time is free, to prepare their future plans of professional conquest: market study, analysis of the competition, business plan, reflection in depth on the best profiles of investors, partners and suppliers in the field prospected The quality of the maturity of their project is a fundamental asset for those who intend to start their own business in the coming months.

The need to go beyond one's own limits is reinforced by increased trust and a healthy ambition. Listening, dialogue and teamwork are part of the current modus operandi. During the period of Jupiter semi-sextile Pluto, it is possible to prepare and develop serenely the bricks of a future professional project through which a bright future is possible. The retrograde transit of Neptune in the 12th House lasts until November 27, The retrograde movement of Neptune in Pisces weakens the activities associated with the planet.

The unfavorable position of the planet Neptune in Pisces prevents it from revealing its true nature.

January 2020 Astrology Predictions – Part One

Its energy is attenuated and its power extinguished. According to the June horoscope of the natives of the astrological sign of Pisces, it is advisable to be extra careful during this troubled period. Small inexplicable discomforts and sneaky enmities, masked by fake benevolence, are to be expected. The transit of Mars in the 5th House lasts until August 17, According to Pisces horoscope of July , it is a fulfilling moment for the senses but also conducive to risk taking and impulsiveness.

It is best to avoid playing lotto or speculating on the stock market. Pisces makes the most of the beneficial effects of Planetary Joy by spending as much time as possible at home. If he is married, the relations of Pisces with his partner are harmonious. A birth can brighten even more the good mood of the home. For the Pisces who is in a relationship recently, his sexuality is fulfilled and his couple, happy, looks to the future with confidence.

During transit from Mars to Leo, Pisces is radiant to the point that he is able to spend lavishly to please himself and those he loves. It is preferable that he avoids being tempted by games of chance and enjoys his happiness in the simplicity and warmth of his home, with his family or with his close friends. Following a retrograde movement, Jupiter returns to a symbolic direction from the ground forward, in direct appearance.

Returned to its "natural" mobility, the energies of the planet are no longer thwarted and its power can be clearly expressed.

Grand Sextile/Star of David, July 29 2013

Direct Jupiter in Sagittarius makes it possible to reduce the energy dispersions and to concretize the actions undertaken. Far-away travel is beneficial and investments in foreign countries can be smart. For the native of the Pisces zodiac sign in August , it is time to explore new territories and conquer new fields of expression.

Luck and fortune are at your fingertips, provided you are ready to jump from one airport to another if necessary and display a deep moral rigor. It would be very wrong to use a good talk with impunity to satisfy one's thirst for recognition and wealth at the expense of the most vulnerable people in society. During the period of Jupiter in Sagittarius, the mission you swore to accomplish needs only your unwavering will and the greatness of your soul to bear fruit.

I feel the future will be built upon the peaceful dove or eagle transformed to that cause that dove was revealed to me which brought into focus the neighbouring catholic church as its display window.

That takes me back to when the english came over to the native lands. It feels so awesome. His sister very ill and I and a friend had strong spirit events. She has chiron conj. The alcoholic healing others and was catalyst blessing me several years ago.

I really feel the end of an era. With Richards contributions it feels so beautiful and romantic. A wonderful story that both ends and sets up a peace mission picture. Well, one would think mercury was still conj. I am fairly well, but everyone else my age is very ill. Or is it Minerva. So while many may be cleansed — others may master using this planet.

That s exciting.

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Hi Jamie thanx for horoscopes. I found out that ur forecasts are accurate when I read them according to mine ASC which is libra decan 1 and also pluto square moon is also going on from As for current situation things dont look too bad right now. I hope this eclipse doesnt make things worse as its last step of mine journey.

Hi Jamie, just want to say that I appreciate your posts and read them each month. Decan analysis is particularly helpful as single sign predictions are too general. Hi Jamie — You were very accurate about the difficult new moon at the end of March for Decan 1 Capricorns. I suffered an unexpected career setback. Over the last few years there seems to be a trend of two one step forward and two steps back in my career goals.

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Hoping his unsettling pattern ends soon. Hello Jamie, feel like dying very depressed crap and rubbish life. Mood swings much, yep, Welcome to a taste of my world!

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grand sextile march 30 2020 astrology Grand sextile march 30 2020 astrology
grand sextile march 30 2020 astrology Grand sextile march 30 2020 astrology
grand sextile march 30 2020 astrology Grand sextile march 30 2020 astrology
grand sextile march 30 2020 astrology Grand sextile march 30 2020 astrology
grand sextile march 30 2020 astrology Grand sextile march 30 2020 astrology
grand sextile march 30 2020 astrology Grand sextile march 30 2020 astrology
grand sextile march 30 2020 astrology Grand sextile march 30 2020 astrology
grand sextile march 30 2020 astrology Grand sextile march 30 2020 astrology

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