Lunar eclipse february 17 2020 astrology aries

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Two culminations are occurring right now. Yes, the Full Moon in tropical Aquarius is the obvious one. Less visible is the Full Venus in Leo that exacted on Aug. If you were looking at an ephemeris or chart wheel, you would see what would look only like a conjunction of Sun and Venus, but that's not the whole picture. From our geocentric perspective, it appears as a conjunction, though one that we can't physically see because the rays of the Sun overcome Venus' light. Venus' synodic cycle is nuanced and complex, but not every conjunction is the same.

The magic of Venus is that it weaves together significant creative, artistic, relational, or overall heart-centered themes on a very predictable rhythm. Reflect on that period and see if there are any current connections.

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Fate can be hard to see, and just as difficult to avoid. There is likely a dominant theme involving significant relationships embedded in this Full Moon. The presence of Mars adds a dimension of friction, tension, the need for assertion and the stirring of anger or aggression. The Aquarian Moon adds an element of objectivity and perspective. Perhaps that translates quite clearly in seeing the tensions that exist in current partnerships and collaborations.

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Perhaps also, there's a sense of having to face fears, take a leap, and confront something in a cool, collected, and civil manner. There's also a risk of detachment and icy coldness contaminating authentic exchange and emphatic dialogue. Finding a balance between honoring individuality and the values perhaps aggressively guarded of others can be another challenge.

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Look deeper into the theme of your interactions and try to see a more significant purpose or meaning. Creative or ingenious solutions can also break through this Aquarian Full Moon. With eclipse season passed us, and Mercury stationing direct, things gradually fall back into a regular flow and routine.

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However, Mercury's station alongside this New Moon can still present delays, glitches, and sluggish momentum. One upside to this is that New Moons are conducive to taking it slow, moments of more inward focus, rest, and relaxation. Also, with Venus' close conjunction, there's a restorative and slightly social vibe to this lunation which serves as a nice contrast from the intensity of the last two eclipses.

With the Sun exalted in its ruling sign, the firey, gravitas of Leo gets an extra kick. The Leo principle emphasizes performance but also moments of joy. This lunation can correlate with the start of creative, self-expressive, or recreational endeavors. With Venus close to both the Sun and Moon, there's an extra emphasis on the pleasure principle, too.

Uranus' square to this lunation adds an erratic and unanticipated element, especially as it pressures both Venus and the New Moon.

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Leo's fondness for excitement or the pursuit of a good time can lead to a prevalence of distractions or mishaps if you're not careful. As always with Uranus, there's a chance to change something up, only the square feels like enforced rather than voluntary change. Suddenly the wildcard emerges when you least expect it. When looked at another way, this New Moon can spontaneously ignite creative, sexual, or relational passion.

With Saturn and Pluto inconjunct from the shadowy edges of Capricorn, we can't completely ignore the challenges of the current era or the responsibilities that loom in the background. But this New Moon offers lightness and boldness, allowing us to claim the confidence needed to take any hardship head-on, and possibly, enjoy ourselves for the moment. This month's Full Moon is a partial lunar eclipse in tropical Capricorn. Important themes or issues from the start of could resurface, meeting a crisis, completion, or resolution.

In general, lunar eclipses are more significant Full Moons. They bring about more dramatic breakthroughs and blossomings.

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In the sign of Capricorn and conjunct Pluto, this is not a comfortable or relaxed lunation. This eclipse has a dystopian aura and the need to face the consequences of past actions. Disturbing revelations can surface on the extreme end. It can correlate with the exposure of abuses of power or corruption, and generally feeling the weight of responsibilities and limitations more heavily.

If you're caught up in the negative side of this eclipse or find that it amplifies a current existential crisis, move through the feelings and insights no matter how uncomfortable.

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If you're looking out at the current political and cultural scene and feeling especially hopeless, you're probably more attuned to reality than those clinging to optimism. This Capricorn eclipse can bring us closer to facing reality; however, if you're naturally more on the stoic side, its insights won't be as shocking. The North Node in Cancer conjunct Venus offers some helpful advice.

The "right side" of the current, unfolding drama is in the path of inclusivity, compassion, and love. The North Node suggests releasing fear by letting go of the need to maintain control of the status quo, but ultimately, Venus in Cancer suggests seeking out the support of others and banding together.

Venus on the North Node correlates to more amplified desires for authentic bridge building. With Venus approaching opposition to Saturn in the following days, relational insecurities, challenges, and tense negotiations are likely to surface. Venus' higher message is to listen and practice empathy. Seeking common ground is never easy, but there are ways of making it harder by refusing to see another point of view. July's New Moon is a total solar eclipse in the tropical sign of Cancer. The eclipse will be visible predominately oversea and for most regions of South America.

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Eclipses are more meaningful for the specific regions where the eclipse path falls, but also, eclipses can be experienced as more pronounced lunations for everyone else. This month's total solar eclipse is a potentiated New Moon that will correlate with the initiation of significant changes and developments over the next six months. New Moons are new beginnings, and total solar eclipses symbolize the first steps in a vital transformative process. Eclipses, by their very nature, are inherently about change.

Ancient people viewed them with fear and trepidation, as negative omens, sometimes indicating the death or dethronement of those in power. Indeed, inherent to the symbolism of the total eclipse itself is that the Moon, a symbol of hidden, obscure, and irrational natural forces momentarily overpower the Sun, a symbol of stability, authority, and rationality. Eclipses bring about an accelerated pace of change, typically beginning from within oneself and radiating outward. Especially in the days surrounding the eclipse, the urge to change things up can more profound than usual.

Cancer points to changes more so on the inner realms, the domestic life, the heart and hearth. This eclipse can stimulate intense sensitivity, domestic dramas, and a pronounced urge to protect, defend, and nurture. The Moon, in Cancer, is especially strong in its ruling sign--accentuating the intuitive, psychic, and sentimental. In opposition, however, is Saturn, equally strong in its ruling sign, Capricorn. By itself, Saturn demands growth and maturity, which requires letting go of what's become too comfortable. There is an inherent element of discomfort in this eclipse, and bringing Pluto into the picture, we might feel a "now or never" kind of vibe to this collective change-making process.

What's brewing now both personally and collectively will endure a critical reality testing early next year, so keep that in mind. If you choose to "follow your heart," you'll need to defend that choice in the face of challenges. Of course, that's central to do what you feel is right because it isn't necessarily the easier path, but the one that's likely the most rewarding. In the moment of this eclipse, it's also easier to keep busy to avoid facing your feelings about a particular matter. The South Node in Capricorn tempts us to make things harder for ourselves, too, through exhausting ourselves so that we don't have to face our soul's calling.

Perhaps, the astrology has some profound wisdom to espouse about what's happening "out there" as well. The eclipse accelerates the intention of the Cancer North Node, which invites us to heal before we rebuild because we risk restoring over a faulty and unstable foundation.

Healing isn't simply imaging "love and light. Healing takes time and courageousness to talk things out, feel things out, and face some painful truths. Sometimes, that's a messy process, and with Chiron square the eclipse too, it pierces deep into some vulnerable places.

No, this eclipse isn't likely comfortable, but that's a part of this season for change. Mercury turns retrograde soon too, and we're already in the shadow. We'll have all of July to rethink and ruminate over what's coming up for us now so prepare for some deep, internal revisions, introspection, and setbacks.

lunar eclipse february 17 2020 astrology aries Lunar eclipse february 17 2020 astrology aries
lunar eclipse february 17 2020 astrology aries Lunar eclipse february 17 2020 astrology aries
lunar eclipse february 17 2020 astrology aries Lunar eclipse february 17 2020 astrology aries
lunar eclipse february 17 2020 astrology aries Lunar eclipse february 17 2020 astrology aries
lunar eclipse february 17 2020 astrology aries Lunar eclipse february 17 2020 astrology aries

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