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Description: A protected month for Gemini to start to truly expand. You might have to tighten your belt in some w Description: In this video I am talking more on the Saturn in Capricorn Transit and how we can restructure our li Description: What the transit of Saturn through Capricorn will bring.

Debt repayment, restructuring and slower gr Description: Saturn and Capricorn are like two astrological peas in a pod. Saturn is a disciplinarian, the planet Description: Saturn in Capricorn begins on December 20, and Saturn then remains in this sign until March 21, Description: Leo, this month will show your main goal as wanting to find more ease and simplicity.

There is an en We dive deep into the themes of love, mone Description: Life is like an exploration, Into outer space, I set off with a goal in mind, Not knowing what I'll Description: If I'm going to make a change, I commit to something new, And with self control and discipline, Do w Description: In this video you will find out what to expect from this important astrological transit - both on a Learn all about January , Uran Description: When cutting cords that hold me back, Tying me to the past, I open my heart and use loving care, So Description: Your Weekly Horoscope for January 1 - 7, The astrological influences for the week explained.

Get my Year Ahead Meta-Companion as Description: Viewer discretion is advised. Learn to tell the difference between blatant manipulation and true facts! FuturisTredncast blog has a fabulous search feature in the upper right corner of the blog page. Since I published over articles and posts on FT on most global topics, with revelations and higher truths on many subjects! This includes hundreds of articles on Russian diplomacy and current events, true and forbidden history of Ukraine, Russia and the USSR.

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Since the FuturisTrendcast project has been my purely selfless service to humanity. The blog began as a means to dispell the lies and tell the real and forbidden truths. This is a free public article, shared with everyone! If you appreciate my free work, you are welcome to donate HERE! This is a bi-weekly timeless reading for the collective. Tags: astrology , full moon in taurus , Lada Ray predictions , oracle cards , prophecy , taroscope , tarot , Timeless Empath Readings , venus.

With this pilot video I am introducing a new Interactive video capture format.

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    Holi Festival of Colours – Rangwali Holi OR Dhulandi on 10th March 2020

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    Good time to ask somebody on a date or have a joyful fun time. Positive emotional experiences. Increased sexual energy and magnetism. You make something that can bring joy to your partner. Wonderful time to buy new clothes, cosmetics or jewelries. Deeper communications. Mental clarity into secrets, hidden, forbidden or psychological matters.

    Good for research and investigation. Support for travel arrangements. Reading people's thoughts, strong intuition. Seeing beneath the surface, a greater understanding. Moon in Aquarius square Mercury in Scorpio at 20 37 During these days it is not recommended to make important decisions, to negotiate, to set up business meetings and conferences.

    Postpone the signing of documents or other important papers and contracts. I happened to watch an episode of the Kardashians by coincidence, ; and I saw that Khloe is has OCD with obsession to clean and have everything in order. I thought, either Virgo or a big 6th house influence! Lo and behold, look at that massive 4 planet stellium in the 6th sign from her ascendant! Maybe she does build a business around nutrition or exercise! Oh wait she already does that!

    No convincing me that placidus is more correct than Whole sign house system Just try it for yourself. This 12 months stay of Jupiter in Capricorn will bless with new material, higher social standing opportunities and growth all Capricorn Sun, Moon or Ascendant people and those of the other earth sign: Taurus and Virgo. Collectively the next 12 months will be a good time to expand on safety, order and regulations, on building tangible structures and hierarchical organization, on professional recognition and growth of ambitions. It will expand on the power of the government, corporations and traditional institutions, also bring more transparency in their actions but also less regulations.

    Moon in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus at 3 20 Difficulties arise when working with technique, technical equipment and electronical devices. In the aspect of finances, be cautious and do not spend your money impulsively. Otherwise, you can have some financial difficulties. Moon in Aquarius square Mars in Scorpio at 8 2 Small obstacles cause anger and tension.

    aquarius march 2020 horoscope lada Aquarius march 2020 horoscope lada
    aquarius march 2020 horoscope lada Aquarius march 2020 horoscope lada
    aquarius march 2020 horoscope lada Aquarius march 2020 horoscope lada
    aquarius march 2020 horoscope lada Aquarius march 2020 horoscope lada
    aquarius march 2020 horoscope lada Aquarius march 2020 horoscope lada

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