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Please click on the appropriate link below to see the respective definition, nature and results of various yogas. You can input a part of the yoga name also while using the search option. Home Yogas. Yogas In Vedic Astrology A Yoga is a special disposition of a planet or planets in a vedic astrology chart, which can produce very specific results. First let us look at the ascendant.

The Ascendant represents the body and the Lord of the ascendant Sun also represents the body.

Mars and Jupiter conjunction in Astrology

Saturn, the old planet and an indicator for history, is in the 5 th house of past life activities and is Lord of the 6 th which is the house of enemies and the 7 th which is the other karaka house indicating the death of any native. Here is an indication that the man who performed the act is quite possibly an ancient enemy from a far distant past life. Furthermore Saturn is 2 nd from the Moon which indicates the throat and it aspects the 2 nd house of the throat along with debilitated Mercury and Sun.

This makes Saturn, in the house of the throat aspecting the house of the throat and who represents this possible ancient enemy, the Lord of the 7 th house aspecting the 2 nd house which are both karakas for the death of any native. All of these considerations together greatly strengthen the evil aspect of Rahu on the ascendant, the house of the body and the indication of a violent death.

Not only is this evil affliction there in the birth chart but it is also there in the Bhava Chart. There Rahu is joined by Mercury, Lord of the 2 nd house, a karaka of death for any native making it into a first rate killer due to its association with evil Rahu. Both of these planets are aspecting the ascendant. Also aspecting the ascendant is Saturn, Lord of the 7 th house, a karaka for death of any native, with debilitated Moon in the 4 th.

This placement is also devoid of the Malavya Yoga aspect of Venus from the 10 th which is in the Rasi birth chart. So we have the evil Lords of the 2nd and the 7th houses, both indicators of death for any native aspecting the ascendant. All of these are clear indications of a violent death by a person whose mind Moon and intelligence Mercury are seriously deranged.

Raja yoga (Hindu astrology)

When you return to the birth chart and look at the fact that the Moon , which is considered an even more important Karaka in Vedic astrology for ascertaining the body and the life of the native, i s debilitated in Scorpio and is also Lord of the 12 th , which is the house of loss, then along with the points made above, it appears obvious why she died an apparently violent death due to strangulation. When we go to the chart which is the estimated time of departure, we see the rest of the story clearly unfold.

The place of death was Mumbai. The date was September 15 th The time of death was placed at between am and pm. Based on my intuition I cast the chart for pm. As soon as I saw the chart, I knew my instincts were correct. Again we see the evil Rahu in the 7 th house for yet a third time, aspecting the ascendant and indicating a violent death.

However some really powerful influences are also at work here clearly indicating the nature of the deranged maniac that performed the act and his insane state of mind at the time. The ascendant is Sagittarius. The Lord of the ascendant Jupiter is with Rahu in the sign of Gemini in the 7 th. Jupiter is badly afflicted here by association with Rahu weakening the ascendant.

Most Important Yogas in Astrology - Auspicious and Evil Yoga in Kundli

Furthermore, both planets being in the sign of Gemini, 12 th from the Moon, causes a situation where he has a serious inability to separate fantasy from reality. The natal Moon is also 12 th from the ascendant. This man has literally lost his mind and any possibility to control his behavior through rational thinking. It may be that he was intoxicated, or he may have been absorbed in pornography shortly before the attack, or he may have actually been inhabited by a spirit.

Driven out of control by the basest desires of sheer lust, anger, violence, and delusion he was clearly an unhinged maniac in an altered state of consciousness. However, looking at only these factors would be leaving out so many other important indicators that it would be a gross injustice to judge the departure in this manner.

One could in fact say that this is the external cause of death of the native as opposed to the real internal cause as indicated by the following aspects and combinations and my intuition. All the planets that are debilitated and cancelled in the birth chart are well placed in the chart at the time of departure.

Mercury is in the 10 th house in Virgo its own sign and sign of exaltation. Sun is in the 9 th house in Leo its own sign and sign of Moola trikona. Moon is in its own sign Cancer in the 8 th, Lord of the 8 th in the 8 th with Venus. This bestows upon the native a long life, fearless nature, and makes them learned, celebrated, and prosperous.

When you place Venus there, Lord of the 11 th house of gain, this would seem to indicate a more peaceful death in which the native gained her desired goal of spiritual emancipation. Added to this is that Mercury is in its sign of exaltation in the 10 th house of occupation in Bhadra Yoga. These two factors make it quite clear that she had her wits about her.

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Her intelligence and mind were unruffled. She was fixed on her occupation, meditating on Lord Sri Krisna, taking complete shelter of him in her hour of need. Furthermore the Sun Lord of the 9 th in the 9 th would indicate that Dharma and good fortune attended the death as well. If I were to recreate the scenario from what I know of the events from the testimony and the indications in this chart, I would write the script like this.

Alone in her apartment, she was disturbed by the sudden presence of a large cockroach. She called down to the security guards booth and asked for someone to come and dispose of it. Little did she realize she was inviting a much larger danger into her home? The Guard comes in and he is in an altered state of consciousness, either from drugs, alcohol, pornography, or spirits. He sees the beautiful young girl of 13 and literally goes berserk and loses all control of his mind and senses. In a frenzied attempt to enjoy sex with her, he is faced with her sheer unwavering determination.

Charak karaks jamini and sthira karakas fixed karakas are always important to understand while performing any predictions. Hi VS If a planet moves in Bhav chalit chart, will it impact aspection of planets. Let say… Mars through its 8 dristhi aspecting saturn in 4th house in lagan chart but if this saturn moves to 5th house in bhav chalit. What was the aspect impact of Mars. Drishtis are mathematical also.

So no point in confusing these 2 things. Sukshama parivartarna typically works only during the mutual dasha combinations of the involved 2 planets, but either way it is a good combo to have between yoga causing planets.

Hello VS, should the bhaavs affected by the sukshma parivartan yoga be counted from the Moon primarily.. You keep on doing your service. Is it so? Thank you VS JI.

Chandra-Mangal-Guru Yoga

Since noted at some e articles that according to phaladeepika if mars becomes 5th dasa for a native it will cause spell disaster for the native. Mars is at Gemini in a software and mars is at cancer with another software. Lot of confusuins sir. Use lahiri or chitrapaksha and put in the time and date and place accurately. Will Afflicted Mars may cause Blood disorders. But some articles says that if it was aspected or conjuncted by jupiter it will be a great remedy?

If it is connected with 6th lord and also 9th lord 6th and 9th are same Jupiter conjunction with 6th lord mars being 10th lord also forming Darma Karma Athipathi yoga.. Answer to your question is that it could but you have to see all the parameters. I can not answer for a specific horo not matter how much you try to generalize the question, it remains a specific question.

If mercury at 8th house at Raasi chalit Pitra Dosha and at 7th at Bahva Chalit mars wont give fruitful and good Results. Follow this site as much as you can. Sri PVR Narasimha is also good. You will get some good stuff from Saptarishis videos but be careful there too.

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I hope you understand that I mean well for you if you are a sincere learner. You will get there. Best wishes. Anyone making an effort in this wonderful lost art of astrology is doing good in my opinion.

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As for learning, I would rather stick to the English interpretations of the older texts of parasara and jamini sutras and perhaps phaladeepika. This takes s of case studies and application of these rules. Hi VS, Need help.

Will she recover? Venus,being yogakaraka and well placed in taurus and 4th house, can such thing happen in its dasha? If she is brain dead, astrology wont show much anyways.

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